No greater compliment 

Today I received the greatest compliment that maybe a writer can receive.

Today had been one of those days where just another leaf of grief floated past me as I prepare to say goodbye to Mum and Dad’s holiday house. There was a knock on the door when I was cooking dinner. A local person who I known enough to say hi to in passing stood in front of me. In her hands was an incredible bunch of flowers. My first thought was that she had mixed me up with the other Meg in Kensington (we are often mixed up) and that I would have to tell her that those flowers weren’t for me.

She hugged me and explained that the flowers were to thank me for my words on this blog, and more specifically what I wrote about Mum’s last weeks. She had spent the day reading many posts, and reading about Mum dying. She was in tears as she thanked me for my writing, and wanted to encourage me to continue writing.

I am humbled. Nothing is a better compliment than to know that my words have touched someone.

Thank you to all my readers. It does fill me with courage to know that you read my ramblings and helps me to bat away that negative inner voice that all us writers are blessed with (even if it is just for a moment).

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