A little bit about me

I live in Naarm (Melbourne) with my husband, two of my three adult sons and a very old dog called Bella. I call myself an overthinker, but I don’t know if there is such a thing. I just think a lot. I love encouraging others, hanging out with other writers, reading stories of all kinds, drawing and taking time out in nature. I am fascinated in people, play and nature. I recently started studies in Life Coaching with the aim to coach creatives so that they can realise their dreams. I have been unofficially running writing retreats since 2016 and launched Retreat with Me in 2023.

My writing is published in The Victorian Writer, the Hunters Writer Centre Grieve Anthologies, The Outback Anthology Vol. 8 (Boolarong Press), Shaping the Fractured Self: poetry of chronic illness and pain (UWA Publishing) and other anthologies. Read more

I currently contract as a communications specialist, write for my local paper and provide freelance editing, content, copywriting and website design services.

I also love to play with art (drawing, painting, pasting), knitting and crochet and have been involved with the Improve Conspiracy for a few years as it is fun! Life needs to have fun in it. Time out for me is hopping in our old Landcruiser and tent and find a place where the dirt is red, the sky is wide and all I can hear are the birds and the trees.

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