My Mother’s Journey


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Pattie Morgan

Mum on the day she was diagnosed with terminal cancer

In February 2015 my mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer and agreed to me documenting these last weeks with her. Mum had an incredibly positive approach to the end of her life and it was a privilege to document this time, even if it was excruciatingly difficult at times.

She was diagnosed with cancer on 20 February 2015, given her prognosis on 27 February 2015 and died on 8 April 2015.

In addition to the weekly journal here, I also wrote a tribute to her in Flemington Kensington News, our local paper.

These are the posts in their weekly order:

  1. Bittersweet news
  2. The odd one out
  3. How do you define one day from the next when you are dying
  4. Playing statues
  5. Don’t panic
  6. Cheated
  7. Peacefully sleeping
  8. Goodbye Mum
  9. Empty space

And photos of my beautiful mum as the cancer took hold of her


2 thoughts on “My Mother’s Journey

  1. Hi Meg – I don’t know where I came across the link to these pieces of yours – we are both in Binders and Ladybirds, but when I looked I couldn’t find a post. I emailed the link to myself and now I don’t know where it came from!
    I wanted to write to say how much I was moved by your writing about your Mum. My Mum died in 2011, after a very quick and intense cancer and she too was a sweetie and gave me a love of music. She responded to her diagnosis very differently and did not have a faith to comfort her but otherwise it was so familiar, and sad, and beautiful.
    Hope you are doing OK. Thanks for sharing this.

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