Deadline day

Draft 4
How much time I have spent on editing this draft according to Properties on Microsoft Word.

Only 35 days ago I committed the deadline of 5 October to have this latest draft complete. There were some (many) moments along those 35 days that I doubted my ability to meet it. It’s been great having this commitment though as it has driven me to the (near) end.

Now, at 4.40am, sitting in front of the computer again – my seat is feeling quite worn here – with 23429* minutes already spent on this draft already (a number Microsoft word has come up with and I have my doubts about its accuracy), I still have three chapters to go.

Easy. Surely.

Well, I’ll see. I have a feeling I need to allow myself one or two days. I already know the last chapter is actually two and needs more fleshing out. I have also found that the further into the manuscript the more work I have had to do with ensuring any threads and changes are reflect.

Now for the next chapter or two.

*23429 minutes converts to 390 hours, 29 minutes, or 16 days, 6 hours 29 minutes. It sounds like a hell of a lot of time but maybe that’s what I actually have done so far. 

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