The hard slog 

Looking at this gorgeous tree it’s hard to believe editing your own manuscript could be hard.

I’m lying on our trampoline, just woken from a snooze and early spring sun is shining. My gum tree is full of birds feeding on blossom and bugs.

What could be so tough?

Truth is that I’m exhausted. Ten days into my ‘chapter a day’ and I’m tired.

That’s because the rest of life goes on at its usual hectic speed. Three teens need attention; food to be cooked and eaten; meetings, school plays, information sessions to attend; work; birthdays; Mum’s house auction; washing, endless washing; uni assessments; and migraines.

This week my migraines have played havoc with my routine. My early morning (5 am) starts became impossible and then I was playing catch up each day.

By Tuesday night I was already two chapters behind schedule.

On Wednesday morning I woke at 4.30. My head hurt for the third day in a row (Monday and Tuesday I was kept awake from about 2.30 to 5.30 with pain). I decided to stick the finger to the pain and get up. Sometimes the best treatment (and sometimes the most ridiculous idea). In reality I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep anyway.

I had caught up on two chapters by 7.30 am and was then shattered for the rest of the day while I trawled shops for birthday presents and dealt with normal family life.

I attempted my third chapter for the day but my brain ran dry. It was a long chapter. A new character was involved and the dynamics of my group of kids was changing. In the end I pressed save and left it.

Today I finished it. Sleeping helped, as it so often does.

So instead of launching straight into the next one I did some more errands, and attended a meeting then came home and slept in the sun.


Now for chapter 10.

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