Nesting (not writing)

I’ve been circling my workspace for too long. I have deadlines looming, a house full of guests (we are hosting three Korean students for a few weeks) and still I managed to spend a day nesting in my office.

I blame the hot water service. That’s what kicked off this whole re-imagining my workspace.

On Wednesday morning I was greeted by a flooded office. My office is in my outdoor laundry (inner city living and house full of teenage boys will drive you to this). In the middle of the night my hot water service blew up from the top outlet, spraying the entire room with very hot water. There was water dripping from the ceiling, running down the walls and pooling on my desk.

Thanks to my quick thinking sons (hubby had already left for work completely unaware), it was mopped up pronto. One day later (and to a sizable cost) we had hot water again.

I took the opportunity to redo my office (read ‘procrastination’). So yesterday instead of doing the writing I needed to do, I picked up a couple of bits of furniture I’ve inherited from my darling mum (see the desk and drawers in the picture), then set about making my office/laundry feel better. I spent the day painting the entire room (including the very ugly brown lino floor), then refurnishing.

Now, with the heater turned up, everything connected and working I have no excuses. There is only so long I can circle this nest before I have to sit, and write.

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