Making deadlines

Are you good at getting things completed when you don't have a deadline? Not many people are. If you are working as a freelancer, working on your own projects, or working on a manuscript, you might be familiar with how long these things can sometimes take. It's always easier when someone else tells you when … Continue reading Making deadlines

Dealing with critical voices

One thing I love to do is to catch up with other writers and chat with them about their process, any hurdles and how they see their way forward. Recently I caught up with a friend who has taken on a mammoth job of writing his memoir. It's a tough task as there can be … Continue reading Dealing with critical voices

Shaping the Fractured Self review in Southerly Journal

It is wonderful to see Shaping the Fractured Self: Poetry of Chronic Illness and Pain continue to have meaning for so many. This anthology, which was published last year, includes poems and essays written by a number of Australian writers who struggle with some form of chronic pain and/or illness. Katerina Bryant, nonfiction writer based in South … Continue reading Shaping the Fractured Self review in Southerly Journal