Are you an ereader or paper reader?

I know we are meant to be embracing this wonderful new technology, but I am struggling.

A friend has lent me her ereader so I can read the next book on the list for our book club and she thinks it would be good for me to give a try with the idea that I may get one as well.  I’m the last one in my book club to move onto the new technology and I am at least ten years younger than the rest. In fact, I am meant to the age that is embracing new technology. As it turns out, the half generation above me is.

I am surprised how difficult I am finding it and I don’t know if it is just because I spend most of my working/studying time staring at a screen.

First I tried it in bed as this is where all my book clubby friends had said they had found the most benefit (well we have been reading Luminaries and Goldfinch this year and I was complaining about the wear and tear on my wrists, arms and shoulders).  I was shocked at how bright it was and it suddenly felt like work.  I was also annoyed that I couldn’t flick backwards and forwards as easily without losing where I was.

So I tried it in the day. The train. That seems like a good place. Small and light which is particularly good when I am lugging around a large dictionary, style manual, notebooks, folder, thermos, water bottle and other sundry items. With only two stops on my ride, I didn’t get the urge to read. I was reminded that I actually enjoy the trip to give me time to people-watch.

So I tried it at home – in a comfortable seat. I was more distracted that I normally am and to be honest, it felt like work.

Still, I have to read this book so I will have to persevere, but I do wonder if reading this book this way will taint my view of the book. Apple Tree Yard is the second book I have read by Louise Doughty and I really enjoyed her first so I am hoping that I can get the most out of it.

Do you read with an ereader and do you think it has changed your reading experience?

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