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A new blog? Why!

I have been in the blogging business for a very long time and writing for even longer, but I felt that I needed to create a website and blog that reflected where I am now.

In 2010 I packed my family and life up into a 4wd and we traveled for 9 months, in and out of the wilderness. It was a time that changed me, and my family, immensely. One of the major changes for me was how I wanted to spend my time.

After filling in four journals (and a blog) over the nine months I was compelled to write about it and over 2011 and 2012 that is what I did. But it didn’t seem enough – even with the 56,000 words I had written, I wasn’t sure what I really wanted to do with them. Although I had been a part of writing group since 2002, I knew I needed to learn more about long fiction and  more importantly I needed to interact with other writers.

In 2013 I enrolled in the Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing at RMIT and immediately knew I was home. I rolled around in words with other like-minded folk and over coffee we mused over character development, plot and structure. My creativity unblocked and the words flowed. At the end of the year with my Diploma in my hand I looked back over my complete first draft of another novel, a third of another and four short stories, and I was happy.

I didn’t just gather words over the year, I also gained valuable professional writing experience (through study and practical placement) to add onto my many years in the corporate world, and, probably more importantly, I found myself a wonderful network of writers and editors.

Now in 2014 I am back studying, this time the Associate Degree in Professional Writing and Editing still at RMIT, working part-time for Mount Alexander College helping them with their communications, freelancing with corporate writing and editing, and working on the next draft of my novel, which is not about my trip around Australia but is set in the near future.

You are welcome to have a peek at the blogs I have worked on over the years, but from now on, this is where I will be.

My other blogs:

  • By Meg’s Pen – My blog of books I have read, words that come to me…
  • Meg’s Threads – Sewing projects and tutorials
  • Our Trip ‘Round Aus -This is a part of our story of our family taking a risk of stepping away from life as we knew it in the big city, and living out of our car and tent for 9 months as we traveled through Australia. The journey, we found, continued beyond arriving home.
  • Living Green and Thrifty – Tips on how to live a more sustainable life in a thrifty way. Tales from our family life as we make our eco journey to a greener life.


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