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eggshellsIt was such an exciting moment seeing my name in print, even if it is alongside 103 other writers (including Sian Prior).

As my mate Tania Chandler, who just launched her first novel Please Don’t Leave Me Here (a book I highly recommend), said, ‘It’s like a shot in the arm.’

It’s the boost to remind us to keep writing, that it is all worth it.

On the weekend I flew up to the Hunter Writers Centre in Newcastle (a great excuse for a weekend away, and who knew that Newcastle was such a great mix of industry and art) with my great old friend, Jenni, to the launch of the Grieve Anthology 2015. One of the highlights of the event was a song written and performed by Catherine Mahoney. It was also fabulous to be away, with a great mate and to spend time talking, walking, shopping and eating (breathe out massive sigh). Something that I obviously need to do more.

If this is how excited I get with a short story, imagine how will I be when my novel is published! It has certainly provided me the impetus to push to the end of draft 3 (nearly there…), so I can get on with draft 4.

To read Eggshells, and other stories and poems around the theme of grief, order your copy here.

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