Writing short stories (and editing them)

So you want to write a short story and get it published. Easy. Not many words. No worries. The reality is that this isn’t necessarily true.

Johannes Jakob (of Lifted Brow, Voiceworks, Hologram, JOMAD) spoke to our editing class about the issues around short fiction writing and editing them. With short fiction (which could range anywhere from 1000 words to 15000 words depending on who you are speaking to) there are some key things to consider and the first is having a little insight to how an editor sees the short story.

Writing reviews

Reviews can be short and to the point with a word count of approximately 100 words, or they can be long and detailed with a word count from 500 words up. When you are reviewing for papers or magazines you will usually be given the details on the word count.

Writing previews

Previewing films, shows, performance and exhibitions doesn’t need to be complicated. With the right tools, a clear and enticing preview can grab the reader’s attention and entice them in.

First thing is to look at is who you are writing for, that is: Who is your reader and what are they interested in?

Once this is established, which should define how you write the piece, you need to ensure in 50-100 words you:

  • provide context
  • outline plot/theme summaries
  • provide details of who, what, where when
  • give a taste, a feel of the show.

A place to call home

A new blog? Why!

I have been in the blogging business for a very long time and writing for even longer, but I felt that I needed to create a website and blog that reflected where I am now.

In 2010 I packed my family and life up into a 4wd and we traveled for 9 months, in and out of the wilderness. It was a time that changed me, and my family, immensely. One of the major changes for me was how I wanted to spend my time.