Back on track

Back on trackIt’s been a chaotic year to say the least, and having some deadlines is helpful in providing distractions.

These last few weeks I have been back at uni (RMIT) and work (comms work at a local high school). Not surprisingly, life has rushed on at great speeds without waiting for me to catch up with it. There are things that were screaming at me for attention. So that is what I have given them.

One thing that was quietly waiting, not screaming, was my manuscript. I was pushed to open it (if you are a writer, I am sure you will understand my reticence to open it after being away from it for a little time) for a uni assessment piece: synopsis and plotting workshop. What a great relief it was to find that I actually knew what I was talking about! And that the words within my manuscript are good. It’s a story that makes sense.

Now I am tightening and finishing the manuscript to get it publisher-ready (as well as meeting all the submission deadlines for uni, and work deadlines). It feels great to be crazy busy again. I think I can even sniff the end of the manuscript (although that will only be the start of it…).

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