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It’s hard sometimes in the craziness of December to remember what Christmas is all about, and that after Christmas Eve (or maybe later for some), we can all slow down.

Christmas is a beautiful and special day and it is one of the last days that we (mostly) make an effort to be with the people who love us and who we love. It’s a great chance to hang out with them and, without the constant interruptions of work, or electronic devices, relax. Put on one of those stupid paper hats, laugh at a lame joke and eat too much of the buffet of food which is a conglomeration of everyone’s favourite offering.

And then there is that that moment after Christmas Day when everything is quiet. That’s when, as a family, we just hang out. It is usually marked with going away somewhere and usually involves camping in the bush – bringing us back to basics. Then, when my brain has slowed down enough, I look back over the last year, and then with that learning make some plans for the new year. I set some goals for myself over the different areas in my life: spiritual, physical, mental, relationship, educational and career. (I have blogged about this a couple of years ago on my old blog).

This year we’re heading down to Tasmania to roam around and hopefully find somewhere peaceful to stop, talk, hang out, walk, relax and read a little.

I hope that you get to have a break that refreshes too, so that you can come back to 2015 with fresh eyes.

Thanks for reading my blog over this last half of this year, and I hope that I can continue to provide interesting things for you to read. I wish you and your families a safe, refreshing and happy Christmas, and a peaceful new year and I’ll see you back here in mid January.

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