Dr Lena Redman, Ripples at Work

Meg provided valuable assistance with proofreading and editing for both of my projects. As someone who often incorporates complex material into my writing, mainly due to the specialised academic content involved and the fact that English is my second language, I was consistently impressed by Meg’s intuitive grasp of the subject matter. She was able to effectively communicate the meaning in a clear and straightforward manner while still allowing my own voice to shine through.

Meg’s insightful suggestions were greatly appreciated, as they had a significant impact on improving my writing. This made me feel supported, knowing I had a dedicated professional who genuinely cared about my projects and wanted me to succeed.

I enjoyed collaborating with Meg due to her competence, her kind and empathetic demeanour, and her recognition of my efforts.

I found Meg to be an invaluable asset to my work, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to enhance their writing.

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